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Remodeling and restoration advice, how-to tips, building product stories, house and home plans, do-it-yourself advice for owners of historic, old and antique .We provide restoration Claning, Painting, Flooring And Remodling home historic preservation services for any structure – barn or backhouse, stately colonial or small cape.

If you want to restore, renovate, remodel, repair or fix up your old house or historic home, check with us. We also offer old house inspections, consulting and education. Our versatile crew undertakes small jobs and multiple-component long term projects.


Our services

Cleaning Services

The assistance of our professionals and modern construction machines has made us to offer Cleaning Services. Every building decoration...

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Painting Contractors

  With years of experience in the Painting Service, we know what works. We have the knowledge and expertise...

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Flooring Contractors

Our Services provides top quality, Flooring constractors services to our clients. It’s really simple. Head over to this page...

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We handle your Home Improvement needs. Whether you’re updating your heating and cooling system, fixing a leaky roof or...

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Mr Abu Mansaray (CEO)

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B&S home improvement environmental universal general services LLC is a full service remodeling, renovation, Cleaning, Painting Service,Flooring, and repair company that has become the go to in the greater Bloomfield area for high quality craftsmanship adjusted to meet your specifications and needs, regardless of the extent of the work you need done. As a family-run business, We are committed to providing our service with more personalized services that make your bottom line our top priority. Without the cumbersome overhead costs associated with larger, less versatile remodeling companies, with our Services you can rest assured that more of your hard earned money goes into the work itself. Read More